Sunday, June 29, 2008

Antoine Sharpe, The Atheist

I picked up a trade paperback called Antoine Sharpe, The Atheist: Incarnate the other day for two reasons: it had a cool sounding title and it was in the bargain bin because of "corner damage". I was extremely impressed by this book and I hope the creators do more soon (one gathers from the introduction that they have major deadline problems). The lead character is "slightly autistic" and has amazing powers of deduction and problem solving; he's also a cold-hearted skeptic and occasional investigator into "occult" mysteries. I know the book sounds a bit like the X-Files, and in a way it is--but it's got a nice edge that that show always lacked, a really creative creepy storyline, and a great ending. In fact, the story told in the TPB would make a great pilot episode or standalone movie.

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