Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Diary of Jizana M'rell: Entry # 7 [RPG]



RUN TIME 265/12765 17:03


We've made it to Hebia Prime.  Besides a brief stop so the others could find some batteries for their death batons, not much happened on the way over.  Hebia Prime is like many of the planets I've been to, except busier.  Its space stations have the same antiseptic corridors and repetitive public announcements that mark orbital life.

We all just returned from a panel, which was actually sorta fun.  But it made it even clearer to me how pervasive the Jedi are and how much of a monopoly they have on anything regarding the Force.

I really have no idea what I'm doing here.  The instructor schtick was a good way to keep me from being booted into Hutt Space, but I can't stand being a Jedi Groupie, taking notes while the others go about their business of saving the galaxy.  I'm glad I'm with Sian, of course, but my entire life can't revolve around her.  And I guess she's started to fit in pretty well with the others--I don't see her around as much now.

Everything keeps coming back to the fact that I still don't have anywhere else to go, and even if I did, I'd have no idea what to do when I got there.  I think I should be too young to be suffering from existential angst--but that's what I get for reading so much philosophy on the Triberry.

Still . . .  I do have some leverage left.  Maybe I should use it.  If nothing else, it'll make things more exciting.


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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wrath of Ashardalon Adventure # 6: Campaign Against the Clans

An interesting concept in this adventure: a campaign of three-linked adventures.  The premise is that there are three clans that support Ashardalon (duergar, kobolds, and orcs) and that each clan must be defeated.  One of the three clan leaders will be randomly (and secretly) selected to be the end boss for an adventure, and when you've completed all three adventures in a row, you win the campaign.  However, if you lose against any of the leaders, you have to start the whole campaign over again.  The good news is you get to keep all of the treasure found from adventure to adventure, and use some gold to buy new stuff.

All of that being said, each adventure itself is pretty easy.  The clan leaders are more-or-less pushovers, with little in the way of offensive firepower or hit points (especially if the heroes are able to save their most powerful attacks until the end).  It's essentially a survive until you turn over the right tile adventure, which players should be pretty familiar with at this point.  Possible snags can be the number of monsters that turn up in the adjoining chambers, which does mean the clan leader should be killed as quickly as possible.

The description sometimes uses the term "adventure" as interchangeable with "campaign," which leads to some ambiguities.  For example, it's not clear whether the boon cards are usable once per adventure or once during the campaign, or whether the players get to keep the boon card for use in future adventures (otherwise, the boon card earned at the end of the campaign would be useless).

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