Monday, July 14, 2008

Comic Book Killer

Another book I bought when I was 13 and have been lugging around ever since is Richard Lupoff's The Comic Book Killer, a mystery novel I must have bought solely because of its title. The book is the first mystery novel by a long-time fantasy author, and in places it's a bit clunky (way too much description of what the protagonist has for lunch, for example). The novel's about an insurance adjuster named Hobart Lindsey who gets put on the case of $ 250,000 in stolen comics. The author clearly has a real love & knowledge of Golden Age comic books, but the story itself is a bit dry. After reading the book, I was curious to see whether this was a one-shot deal or the beginning of a mystery series and it turns out there are several books starring Lindsey (and/or his girlfriend, a black L.A. cop unlikely named Marvia Plum). This book didn't jazz me enough to want to rush out and buy more in the series, but my collection obsession means that if I saw # 2 in a used book store I would likely pick it up anyway . . .

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