Monday, October 27, 2008

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 4

This was the final session in the Mongui story arc, a planet which I created mainly to have a very controlable location in which to start the campaign and because the Arresta character needed to be a Princess somewhere. The reveal that the Regent himself (Arresta's father) was actually a Separatist went over well and was a good surprise for the players. As a good surprise to me, I had no idea they would try (and succeed) in taking over Seige Commander Korg's shuttle (I had a whole spaceport battle scenario in mind). This session also marked that last one for Ycram as a PC, as his player dropped out of the campaign (though she remains friends with us to this day).

Episode 2.1, The Shadow Rising, Session 4

Although the Clone Wars rage elsewhere throughout the galaxy, the city-moon of Mongui is at peace. Jubilant residents crowd the street during the day to celebrate the withdrawal of the Separatist siege. The Republic fleet had withdrawn to aid in the defense of Kamino, leaving only orbital satellites and a small garrison of clone troopers to defend the city. But rumors are beginning to spread about a surprising amountof activity in the small Separatist camp that remains outside Mongui's energy shield, and even more ominous stories are told about murder and betrayal within the palace itself. And a few hours before dawn, as a cold rain pelts the city, a solitary figure makes his way through the darkened streets.

Ycram has a secret rendezvous with the head Republic spy on Mongui. The spy passes Ycram a data crystal but is then killed by mysterious attackers. Ycram manages to bluff his way out of danger. The group is then summoned to the throne room, where Ycram plays the data crystal, which among other things instructs Tarn to take the Regent to the Ansion system where additional encrypted information will be unlocked. The Regent activates an energy shield around his throne, signals a Separatist shuttle to begin landing on the roof, and reveals to the group that he is the "traitor." He has made a deal with the Separatists that he will be made Governor of the entire sector if he helps them out. To ensure his loyalty, he must deliver his daughter to them to be put into suspended animation as collateral. He broadcasts a fake message to the populace saying that the palace has been captured by the Separatists and that everyone should surrender and lay down arms. Tarn and Marpa rush to the roof to see the Separatist shuttle landing. It contains Seige Commander Korg and his contingent of B-2 battle droids. Tarn is stunned unconscious and taken aboard, but Marpa sneaks into the ship's cockpit and begins the take-off sequence. After stunning her father, Arresta surrenders and is taken on board, but then tries to escape and joins Marpa in the cockpit. Tarn regains his senses and fights off one of the B-2s and the shuttle rises, but Korg leaps and grabs the landing ramp. Tarn joins the others in the cockpit and they take evasive maneuvers and presumably shake Korg off. Quickly reaching orbit, the group decides to set hyperspace coordinates for Bothawui. Meanwhile, Ycram is left behind. He makes his way out of the palace and heads to the spaceport.

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