Saturday, April 28, 2012

Caverns of the Snow Witch [BOOKS]

Sparse posting around these parts of late: new job, lack of computer at home (which should be rectified at any time), and, well, parenting, have combined to make for quite limited free time.

One of the things The Wife and I brought with us to do while we waited for our things to arrive was a "Fighting Fantasy Gamebook", which is basically a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book but with a character sheet and dice.  I remember playing one of these as a kid and thought they were fun.  You use dice to roll starting ability scores, and a good chunk of what happens to you in the book is determined by a combination of those ability scores and future dice rolls.  Combat is a big part of the game, and as you go along you collect certain weapons and potions to aid you in your quest.  It's sort of like a tabletop RPG but designed for one player and (of course) with limitations to player freedom.

The Wife and I stumbled upon Caverns of the Snow Witch at a used book store and decided to give it a go one night after Boomer went to bed.  The plot of the book concerns, as per the title, an evil witch in an icy land who is harassing travelers and, being an adventurous sort, the hero of the book decides to try to stop her.  We rolled extremely on the combat ability score (labelled "Skill") and fairly high on hit points (Stamina), but pathetically bad on Luck.  This proved to be an interesting combination, as we triumphed through every combat with little trouble, but couldn't avoid some major problems due to the poor Luck.  On our first run through, we made it pretty far into the "Crystal Caves" after killing snow wolves, a yeti, and more, but then got stuck in a strange Luck loop while trying to fight a robed fellow in a prism.

Still, it was a kinda fun way to pass an hour and I could imagine trying it, or others, again.

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