Thursday, January 17, 2013

Star Wars Omnibus: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 1

Now that I'm a few sessions into directing a new Star Wars Saga Edition campaign set in the New Republic, with the PCs as members of an elite force of pilot-commandos, it seemed like a fun time to re-read the adventures of Rogue Squadron.  Dark Horse's three Omnibus editions collect the early issues of the X-Wing Rogue Squadron series, chronicling their missions just after the Battle of Endor (and thus chronologically earlier than the novels).  Volume 1 of the Omnibus editions collects three mini-series and a character handbook.

In Rogue Leader, the Rogues are redeployed from Endor clean-up duty to Corellia system.  There, they manage to fend off the surprise attack of an Imperial contingent and capture its leader, General Weir.  It's pretty basic, straightforward story-telling, memorable for the gruesome torture of the Sullustan Rogue Dllr Nep.

In The Rebel Opposition, the Rogues are sent to the planet Cilpar, where a native resistance group is trying to throw off the Imperial yoke.  Cilpar has some interesting features--mysterious old temples, vicious native beasts, etc.  It's also the story that introduces (at least chronologically) future Rogue Elscol Lord and her Wookie friend Groznik.  Winter has a nice role as an undercover New Republic contact often mistaken for Leia.

The Phantom Affair is set in a famous university on the planet Mrllst.  At first it looks to be of the "stop the Imperials from getting another super-weapon" type of story, and then it adds a nice twist, but then leaves the New Republic apparently in possession of a portable black-hole maker! (apparently never seen again . . .)  The villain in the piece, Loka Hask, is memorable, as he has a parasite stuck to the side of his face and was responsible for the death of Wedge's parents.

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