Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jocasta, Mysterious Corsair [Clone Wars Campaign]

I've talked about this before, but the Sun Runners were in many ways my vicarious way of participating in the campaign as opposed to just running it; the short stories featuring the group are some of my favorite, and gave me a chance to expand on each of their personalities--Jocasta included.  Jocasta was portrayed as having mysterious motivations--always good for catching the players' interest--but a strong sense of loyalty to her crew.  She was also a woman of her word, which famously served as a counter-example to Daal's tendency towards manipulation.  The Duro despised Jocasta, and that led to some really interesting role-playing as Arresta and Doxen were able to respect the corsair.

The initial impetus for coming up with Jocasta was this: I needed a leader for a rival adventuring group of NPCs, and I wanted that leader to be damned cool.  I always liked the exotic, punk-rock look that Storm briefly embraced, and used that as my image for what Jocasta would look like.  To layer her into the campaign and make her a potential campaign-long adversary, I developed a backstory connection between Jocasta and Tarn Tamarand's master, Horellius Creen, that would give Jocasta motivation to keep an eye on (or interfere with) the PCs.  The premise was that Jocasta, a shapechanger of the species called Gurlanin, was once Creen's Padawan in the form of a young boy.  From Jocasta's point of view, Creen sent her into an impossible situation and left her to die.  As a form of vengeance, Jocasta ensured that Creen's subsequent Padawans would meet a similar fate.  Jocasta continued to seek positions of power using her shapechanging abilities--she influenced the media in the form of Erelea Cadal, a Holonet reporter; the Republic military in the form of  Lance Commander Algura Kuras; and more.  When Jocasta discovered the existence of the Anomaly, she invested an enormous amount of her resources into a project to discover how to summon it to a particular place and, perhaps, take control.

The campaign ended, in a way, as it began: with Jocasta and Creen once again squaring off and Tarn Tamarand caught in the middle.  Who will take control of the Anomaly, and what will they do with it?  Only future campaigns and short stories will tell . . .


M/F Gurlanin Jedi 4/Scoundrel 6/Master Privateer 7/Scout 3

HP: 189 (Threshold: 34)

Spd. 6, FP: 16 (rolls d8s)

Defences:  Fort +24, Reflex +26, Will +27 (add 10 if not using house rules)

Abilities:  Str 12 (+1), Dex 18 (+4), Con 16 (+3), Int 14 (+2), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 18 (+4)

Skills:  Acrobatics +19, Climb +11, Deception +19, Endurance +18, Gather Info +14, Initiative +14, Jump +11, Knowledge: Technology +17, Knowledge (all others) +12, Perception +18, Persuasion +14, Pilot +19, Ride +14, Stealth +19, Survival +13, Swim +11, Treat Injury +13, Use Computer +17, Use the Force +24

Attacks:  Vibrocutlass +19, d. 3d6+11 (flamethrower +21, d. 2d12+10 in 1x4 square area, fire does 1d6 round until full-round action to extinguish);  Full round +18/+18 d. 3d6+11 each

Species Bonus: +10 Disguise as full-round action; Startle 1/encounter as reaction to attack (Deception vs. Will defence for -5 to attack roll)

Force Powers:  Battle Strike, Negate Energy, Mind Trick, Rebuke

Languages:  Basic, Gurlanin

Equipment:  Medpacs, vibrocutlass, comlink, security kit, med-kit

Identities:  Itey'Jinn (Gurlanin youth on Qilura); Aleera Cotjasa (Padawan), Erelea Cadal (Holonet reporter), Jocasta (Corsair), Lance Commander Algura Karas (2nd Republic Fleet)

Feats:  Force Sensitive, WP: Lightsabers, WP: Simple, Strong in the Force, Skill Focus: Use the Force, Force Training, Rapid Stirke, WP: Pistols, Skill Training: Stealth, Burst of Speed, Skill Training: Deception, Vehicular Combat, Skill Training: Pilot, Triple Critical: Cutlass, Weapon Finesse, Shake It Off, Double Attack

Talents:  Clear Mind, Force Haze, Sneak Attack, Spacehound, Dastardly Strike, Bloodthirsty, Veteran Privateer, Fight to the Death, Multiattack x2, Evasion, Traceless Tampering


The Wife said...

Her stats are unreal....

Jeremy Patrick said...

In isolation, yes.

As an NPC who might have to fight the galaxy's best sniper (Doxen), best explosives expert (Daal), and best dodger (Arresta), she's only credible :)