Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fantasy Football 2013 Draft & Week 1

Too busy this season to set up a league with friends and family, but I managed to jump into a league with total strangers at the last minute.  Coming off of last year's championship, I couldn't let a good thing go to waste!  Here's my starting team after the draft:

QB Cam Newton  I always like a QB who can get some rushing yards to make up for down passing days, and Cam has done great for me in the past.

RB LeSean McCoy  Theory: Chip Kelly's new fast-paced offence is going to result in a lot of touches and a lot of yards for McCoy.

RB Reggie Bush  Going to be a major rushing and receiving threat for the Lions

WR Randall Cobb  Picked him because I really need a WR and he was the highest ranked one left on the board.

WR DeSean Jackson  Same theory as for LeSean McCoy

TE Jared Cook  Picked him solely because of Peter King's recommendation . . .

FLEX Bilal Powell  I liked what I saw in preseason

D/ST Bears  They were the # 1 ranked defence, so I went against my instincts and took them.

K Sebastian Janikowski  I always draft Janikowski because he has the strongest leg in the league . . .

I also got some great back-ups:

TE Rob Gronkowski  Amazing in past years; I didn't start him since he's been banged up

RB Montee Ball  Not sure about this one; could be big, but Broncos seem to want a committee-style approach

WR Josh Gordon  Suspended for the first two games of the season, but he's the Browns best WR

QB Michael Vick  Same theory as for LeSean McCoy; I'm all in on Chip Kelly!

D/ST Browns  Solid last year, hoping they'll be great with Ray Horton coaching

K Phil Dawson  Really wish the Browns wouldn't have let him go . . .

QB Terrell Pryor  Predicting big things from this guy's legs (and he can throw too!)

Before the draft, The Wife told me I should pick one of her favourite players:  Peyton Manning or Darren McFadden.  Well, after Week 1, I really should of listened about Manning--it's hard to beat 7 TD passes in one game!

Still, I did quite well in my first outing, winning 133-102 and scoring the highest total in the league.  Reggie Bush, LeSean McCoy, and Jared Cook each scored 24 points or more, and everybody else scored in double-digits except for Janikowski, the Bears D/ST, and Bilal Powell (who I've since cut and replaced with Brian Hartline).

Repeating is hard, but the Champion SunRunners are on their way . . .

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