Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Faerun Map Alterations [RPG]

This is more for my personal archiving purposes (i.e., so I can find it again someday in the future!) then anything I expect people to read: a list of alterations I've made to the Forgotten Realms map of Faerun during past campaigns (including: the Night Below, Jhaeman's adventures in the Moonsea, the Royal Karameikan Fist Adventuring Company adventures run by Steve, and more).  It doesn't include any changes from the currently-ongoing Startop Mountain campaign.  I have additional information on the added villages in a "City Packet" (which I know about) and other additions in a "Landmarks Packet" (the location of which I need to track down), but all alterations are noted on hand-copied maps.


1.  Added village of Milbourne along banks of Dessarin River.

2.  Added village of Thurmaster at the end of the east branch of Dessarin River.

3.  Added village of New Haven to southeast of Ardeep Forest.

4.  Added Badlands to valley between branches of Ardeep River.

5.  Added Parlfray's Keep to hills south of the Iron Road.

6.  Added Dawn Spire Keep (formerly Broken Spire Keep) just west of the High Forest.

7.  Added the Garlstone Mines to the hills east of the Dessarin Road.

8.  Added the halfling village of Lindendale to the High Forest.

9.  Added the Tower of Eloias to the middle of the Ardeep Forest.

10.  Added dwarven stronghold of Thunderdelve southeast of the Crumbling Stair.

11.  Added village of Beghinnings to hills northeast of Red Larch.

12.  Added a lizardman camp in the Stump Bog (destroyed circa 1370).

13.  Added the Mage's Retreat, a building in the northern section of the Stump Bog.

14.  Added the Humanoid Cave System on the northern banks of the stream east of Rassalantar.

15.  Added Tomb of Leander in the Sword Mountains due west of Amphail.

16.  Added Evergreen's Cave behind a waterfall in the Westwood.

17.  Added stretch of Underdark leading to the cities of the Glass Pool and the Great Shaboath (reachable from the surface starting in Garlstone Mines).

18.  Added secret drow/goblin outpost in western fringes of the High Forest.


1.  Added Temple of Tarastia to city of Phlan. (details in "Church of Tarastia" packet)

2.  Added Shrine to Tarastia just southeast of village of Shadowdale.

3.  Added Shrine to Tarastia in the religious district of Raven's Bluff.

4.  Added two-story residence of mage Damian (W8) in the village of Shadowdale.  The building is distinguished by a stuffed young red dragon that is posed as if climbing up the building.  The building contains a personal altar to Loviatar.,

5.  Added Castle Justheart to mountains west of Suzail.  The castle is currently ruled by Patience the Gladiator (F10) and "The Man in White" (F10/W20).

6.  Added underground Chitine city and the Foundingstone, reached from surface by secret tunnel in hills two days northwest of Ashabenford.

7.  Added ancient, decrepit shrines to Tyr & Helm  (with secret underground crypts) in foothills of Desertmouth Mountains west of Shadowdale.

8.  Added underground cave system leading to Temple of Orcus and the Earth Blood, accessed through secret door in shrine to Helm in foothills of Desertmouth Mountains west of Shadowdale (now guarded by warrior-priests of Tyr).


1.  Guldeph Maremmon, head of the Highmoon Trading Coaster, was kidnapped and slain by humanoids in the Humanoid Cave System.

2.  Yerath Zulpair, nobleman's son of Waterdeep, was sacrificed by the lizardman tribe in the Stump Bog after they ambushed his carvan on the Long Road.

3.  The area of the Underdark containing the Glass Pool and the Great Shaboath now have a heavy presence of Zhentarim.

4.  The Kormallis noble family is allied with the Zhentarim.

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