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Jedi Historian Prestige Class [RPG]

This is a homebrew prestige class I created many years ago for a Knights of the Old Republic campaign using the original Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game rules.  I hope to talk about the campaign, and my character, Jizana M'Rell, in a future post as it had quite an influence on me.  But for now, here's the class:

Jedi Historian Prestige Class

The title Jedi Historian is often confusing to lay people and non-specialized scholars in the galaxy.  A Jedi Historian is simply a researcher affiliated with the Jedi Order who studies various aspects of their history, philosophy, and structure.  Although some Jedi Historians are in fact Jedi, many are not, and some of the premiere Jedi Historians have no ability to manipulate the Force whatsoever (some have argued this objectvity makes them better historians, but others dispute this).

What all Jedi Historians have in common is that they are sponsored by, or work closely with, the Jedi Order.  Some Jedi Historians accompany Jedi on their various missions around the galaxy, while others are more stationary, perhaps spending long nights in the depths of an ancient library.

Prerequisites:  Knowledge (Jedi Lore): +10 (cumulative bonus); Knowledge (History): 5 ranks

Class Features:  * Vitality Die 1d6+Con
                         *  Skill Points 8+Int

Class Skills (prerequisites, if present, are still applicable):  Computer Use, Craft (Bookwriting, Documentary Producing, etc.), Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge, Profession (Historian, Philosopher, etc.), Read/Write Language, Speak Language, Sense Motive, Farseeing, Psychokinesis

Level   BAB    Fort    Ref     Will     Special                    Def     Rep
1        +0      +0      +1      +2      Ancient Languages*  +1      +1
2        +1      +0      +2      +3                                   +2      +1
3        +2      +1      +2      +3      Historic Appraisal*    +2      +1
4        +3      +1      +2      +4                                   +2      +2
5        +3      +1      +3      +4      Historic Speciality*   +3      +2
6        +4      +2      +3      +5                                   +3      +2
7        +5      +2      +4      +5      Skill Emphasis*        +3      +2
8        +6/+1 +2      +4      +6                                   +4      +3
9        +6/+1 +3      +4      +6      Skill Emphasis*        +4      +3
10      +7/+2 +3      +5      +7                                   +5      +3

* Ancient Languages  The Jedi Historian spends a great deal of time working with ancient texts.  As a result, they have gained a common clarity into ancient language patterns.  When they encounter a new language they make an intelligence check against DC 15.  Success means that they learn to read/write the language in 1d6+3 days of intense study.  Failure means that they may try again at their next level of Jedi Historian.  Only one language can be the focus of study at any given time.  More complex languages raise the DC for the intelligence check (GM's discretion).  Languages can be spoken only at GM's discretion, as unless the text contains a phonetic guide, the Jedi Historian may never be able to speak effectively.

* Historic Appraisal  The Jedi Historian can add his or her ranks in History to an Appraise check to understand aspects of non-Force artifacts, and his or her ranks in Jedi Lore to understand aspects of Jedi artifacts. The Appraise roll gives the following pieces of information:
DC 10:  Identity of Object
DC 15: Origin of Object 
DC 20: Age of Object
DC 25: Force qualities/power of the object
DC 30: If Force Sensitive, how to active the Force powers of an object.
Assessing the monetary value of an historic artifact still requires a normal Appraise skill roll.

* Historic Speciality  The Jedi Historian chooses one object, person, or particular event in history.  In role-playing terms, the character is the expert in the galaxy on this object, person, or event.  The Historian can instantly recall any commonly known or mundane information about this subject.  More obscure questions may take further research, but the Historian knows where to look or who to ask as a starting point.  The GM has final authority to determine how much the Historian knows about a specific question related to his or her chosen topic of study.  In order to gain access to this ability, the Historian must have produced a work (such as a book, documentary, museum display, etc.) on the topic which has been widely accepted in his or her field of study.

*Skill Emphasis  The Jedi Historian receives a free Skill Emphasis in a skill he or she can justify as being related to the scholarly pursuit of knowledge.  Examples include Computer Use, Gather Information, various Knowledge skills, Farseeing, and Psychometry.

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