Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Fantasy III [GAMES]

I have, very, *very* slowly been working my way through the Final Fantasy series: I finished # 1 in May of 2010 and # 2 in August of 2011!.  This past weekend, I finished # 3.  It was a solid entry to the series, though there wasn't anything spectacular about it.  The main difference was the introduction of a "Jobs" system which is a little bit like a class but the characters are encouraged to change back and forth between various jobs depending on need.  Frankly, I found that too much trouble and tended to mostly stick with jobs as long as possible, as it wasn't clear to me how the game's equivalent of "multiclassing" worked.  The premise of the game is that four crystals of Light need to be recovered to undo a terrible darkness that threatens to destroy the land, and blah blah blah, plots so generic can put me to sleep.  The hardest part of the game was the end:  there's a final dungeon that you can't save in and, after a particular point, can't leave, and you have to fight four end bosses and the then the big final bad guy.  A TPK here means making up for a couple of hours of game time, so I had to grind a bit at the end before making a final push.  I probably invested about 45 hours in the game, but at least now I get to move on to something more fun:  Batman Lego!

Official Time:  39:07:01

Tmeris, Level 59  
Dark Knight Job Level: 99 (Freelancer 23, Warrior 35, Knight 14)
HP: 3409

Eli, Level 60  
Sage Job Level 42 (Freelancer 11, Red Mage 26, Scholar 99)
HP 3243

Persi, Level 60
Devout Job Level 47 (Freelancer 12, White Mage 74)

Talos, Level 60
Ninja Job Level 47 (Freelancer 10, Warrior 25, Knight 45, Dragoon 34)
HP: 3461

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