Monday, December 5, 2016

Blood of the City [PATHFINDER TALES]

Blood of the City was the first Pathfinder novel I've read.  I picked it up because the setting of the story, the Varisian city of Magnimar, is relevant to the Rise of the Runelords adventure path I'm running.  The story follows the cool concept of an "urban druid" (though never called that by name) who is part of a family of semi-aristocratic trouble-shooters.  There's an amazing twist about a third of the way into the book that I couldn't believe at first.  Overall, the novel was fast-paced and interesting, with good character development.  It also served its purpose as a good introduction to Magnimar, including its Chellish inhabitants, how Shoanti are perceived, the role of the Mayor, etc..  I would definitely read more by the author.

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