Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bells for the Dead [RPG]


Bells for the Dead is a four-part series of web fiction in the Pathfinder Tales line.  Unlike most of the other web fiction on the Paizo website, this story hasn't been collected in an e-book format; but it's still available for free here.  Set entirely in the Andoren city of Oregent, the story features a professional gunslinger bounty hunter named Lisette and a dwarf named Karag.  If I had to sum it up, I guess I would call it competent.  It's not particularly memorable, though there is a nice twist in the final chapter.  The action scenes are solid, but there's just not enough personality or originality to the characters or plot to make me want to read more.


Lisette is ostensibly on the trail of an archer who murdered her former partner.  In Bells for the Dead, she encounters a dwarf named Karag and the two form an unlikely team (both characters apparently appear again in a published Pathfinder novel named Stalking the Beast) as they follow the trail of this bowman through Oregent's underworld and with the semi-cooperation of its authorities.  The big twist is Lisette's sob/revenge story is partially a ruse; the bounty she's after is actually a demon who can read minds, so Lisette had to lie to the others so the demon wouldn't detect the truth and she could sneak up on it (she herself had an amulet of mind shielding).  There's a plot thread left dangling (who the archer really is) that I assume will be picked up in the novel.  Lisette's proficiency with rifles and pistols sets this slightly apart from traditional fantasy, but the difference isn't interesting enough to save the story.

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