Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Starfinder Lanyard [RPG]

What kind of a nerd would write a review about a lanyard?  One who is more excited about Starfinder than a 13-year-old girl is at a Justin Bieber concert, of course!  Made out of ultra high-tech futuristic materials (aka a fabric ribbon and a metal clip), this lanyard has the Starfinder logo on it fourteen times so you'll never look down and be confused about which lanyard you put on when you got dressed in the morning!  Clever nano-circuitry inside the lanyard is host to an A.I. who whispers things in your ears, or I could just be delusional.  You decide!  In any event, if you need a possibly magical item to occupy your real-world "neck slot", the Starfinder Lanyard is the way to go.

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