Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CD-ROM Comics

My sig-other often teases me that I seemed like such a "nothin's tying me down" type of guy when she met me, but that she hadn't known about the 25 or so boxes of comics I had in storage that follow me from place to place. The burden of lugging boxes like that around everytime I move has led me to embrace the handful of CD-ROM comic sets, which so far mostly exist for major Marvel titles like the Uncanny X-men, Avengers, Captain America, etc. Each disk has the complete run of the series (barring issues that have come out since the disk, of course), including covers, advertisements, letter pages, annuals, and more. It's taken a little effort to adjust to reading comics at the computer instead of on the couch, but it feels good to free up so much space by selling/giving away my now duplicative hard copies.

I just hope CD-Roms don't be technologically obsolete anytime soon!

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