Thursday, November 6, 2008

MST3K @ 20

For several years now Rhino Home Video has been releasing Mystery Science Theater 3000 boxsets. Except for the first few sets, the DVDs had pretty generic packaging and little in the way of special features--they were also a bit pricey, at $ 60 to $ 80 for four episodes. Just a few months ago, however, a new op called Shout Factory! took over the license and have released the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

I just received my set and I'm extremely impressed--it comes in a cool tin box, each of the four movies has its own jewel case with cute original artwork, and the set has an 80-minute documentary on the history of MST3K, a Crow T. Robot figurine, and (best of all!) the price is the same as the old Rhino sets. This is the sort of thing that makes a great gift, though I couldn't wait until Christmas. I hope Shout Factory! keeps the license and is able tokeep putting out quality products like this.

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