Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 5

This was very much an in-between session which served to bridge the gap between the Mongui storyline and the upcoming Ansion storyline (in which the major "myth-arc" of the campaign would begin). For the Jedi character of Tarn Tamarand, it served as one of the many comical times he would try to use his Force powers and fail miserably. And irony will rear its head in future sessions as here the Princess plays the "the Jedi got me pregnant!" line for a distraction.

Episode 2.2, The Ominous Silence, Session 1

The Galactic Civil War continues. The strategic spaceport of Mongui is in flames as a now leaderless droid army continues its surprise attack on the Republic's skeleton garrison of clone troopers. The stalemate on Mongui is just one of the battles raging on a thousand planets.
Yet there is one place the war cannot touch--the void of hyperspace, where a stolen Separatist shuttle has plotted a course for Bothawui, capital of the Bothan people and a hotbed of espionage and intrigue. And on the other side of the galaxy, in a sector called Ansion, an ominous silence continues to spread . . .

[64 AG] Marpa, Tarn, and Arresta arrive in Bothawui, only to find Korg has been clinging to the outside of their ship. He jumps on a Bothan escort fighter and disappears as the ship spirals away. The group identifies themselves as refugees and are taken to an internment facility. Surprisingly, they are released without incident. Planetside, Marpa has dinner with an old Duros acquaintance, while Tarn meets with a Gran Separatist Jedi Padawan named Fallael.

[65 AG] Marpa & Tarn try to infiltrate the Separatist embassy by using Fallael to arrange a meeting with the Separatist ambassador, under the guise of Tarn being interested in joining the Separatist cause. Arresta sends the embassy an urgent message for Tarn (saying that she is pregnant) which succeeds in getting Tarn and Marpa into the communications room alone with the ambassador and Fallael, but Tarn's attempt to create false sounds of blaster fire fails and Tarn and Marpa leave without planting the listening device. Later that night, Delia's Ultimatum arrives. Ycram is unconscious from a blow to the back of the head and keeps muttering something about "Twitch". The crew set course for the Ansion system and notice a minor power drain on the outer hull.

[68 AG] Delia's Ultimatum arrives in the Ansion system and sees the Xoorzi Skyhook under attack by a pair of battered and pitted Cloakshape fighters. Responding to the Skyhook's distress call, Delia's engages the fighters and destroys one while a second one flees. After a standoff with Arresta, Tarn unlocks the encrypted message on the data crystal and learns that their mission is to bring about resumed shipments of the Xoorzi kelp, an exotic substance that is necessary for the war effort because it is becoming increasingly clear that traditional bacta is largely ineffective on a certain batch of clone troopers. A hail is sent to the Skyhook and arrangements are made with Ignatius D'avilos (Arresta's uncle) for the ship to dock.

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