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Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 10

This was the first session for a new player and his character 8P-MD-4, a medical droid from the Arms & Equipment Guide. 8P was a decent character, but the player kept forgetting he had the Surgery feat and other expertise in healing people. The NPC casino bouncers, Mr. Vym and Mr. Vigor, were light-hearted fun (Mr. Vym spoke with a very Brooklyn mobster accent).

Episode 2.2, "The Ominous Silence" Session 6

Time begins to run short in the Ansion system. As Republic operatives find themselves poised for an attack on a possible terrorist camp, just a few scant days remain before the anomaly becomes accessible, necessitating difficult choices. Will they spend their time readying weapons and supplies for the trials that lay ahead, and trust that preparation will carry them through? Or should they attempt to infiltrate Soerrg the Hutt's operation, and possibly nip these terrorist attacks in the bud? Or risk searching the asteroid field for a missing Jedi Master, and thereby gain a powerful ally? The fates of thousands depend upon the strength and wisdom of a would-be Jedi, a princess far from home, and a mercenary with a hidden past.

On board the Broken Diamond, Tarn, Marpa, and Arresta receive a message from Ycram aboard the Xoorzi Skyhook: it seems that a ship hailed the station at long range, looking for Tarn, and that the ship bore the transponder signal for Delia's Ultimatum even though visual identification showed it clearly wasn't. Trips warns the group to watch out for ferocious predators called shanhs and introduces 8P-MD-4, an autonomous mobile medical droid. After getting turned around in the jungle, the four adventurers find their way to the suspected terrorist camp. Arresta conducts some initial scouting but falls into a pit trap and sets off a landmine, alerting the camp. Tarn rushes into the middle of the camp but, after some scuffling with Ansionian terrorists, is battered into unconsciousness by a direct hit from a hovering Cloakshape fighter's blaster cannons. 8P-MD-4 helps stabilize Tarn and is taken prisoner, but Marpa and Arresta continue the fight and with three well-placed satchel charges the group manages to destroy the Cloakshape seconds before the Broken Diamond arrives. With two dead terrorists and two having fled into the forest, a search of the camp reveals a communications rig. 8P-MD-4 and Marpa successfully break the encryption and trace the signal back to a man named Vym in the coastal city of Hurkaset. The group flies back to Cuipernam, desperately in need of a private hospital's bacta tank.

[74 AG]

By early afternoon, the group is fully healed. After some heavy shopping and a trip back to the camp site to retrieve Tarn's lost lightsaber, they set out for Hurkaset aboard Delia's Ultimatum.

[75 AG]

The ship touches down on the outskirts of Hurkaset around 2 a.m. 8P-MD-4 enters the city and scouts the coordinates, which turn out to be the Ansion Dream casino. The droid notices that at the back of the sparsely-attended casino, a locked door is guarded by a wookie. After catching up on some much-needed sleep, the group spends the day in Hurkaset purchasing formal wear, elegant mounts, and equipment so as to pass themselves off as wealthy gamblers. Marpa and Arresta enter the casino first. Marpa loses at pazaak and then faces the indignity of having to swallow a 5,000 credit extortion demand from the Rodian duelist Twitch. Marpa leaves the casino and heads back to Delia's Ultimatum; a quick fly-by of the city shows a ship fitting Ycram's earlier description parked on the outskirts of town. Back inside the casino, Arresta catches the eye of the manager, Mr. Vym, and gets escorted to the back room and then invited to see the off-site high stakes tables. However, Arresta suddenly whips out a blaster and holds Vym at gunpoint. Angry that she spurned his advances, Vym snatches the pistol out of her hand, smashes it on the ground, and takes off in a huff in his landspeeder. Meanwhile, Tarn and 8P-MD-4 have decided to come looking for Arresta. Tarn encounters the pirate, slaver, and all-around rogue Jocasta, who thanks him for his help back on Mongui and says that "Soerrg knows you're here, and he'll come for you, tonight". After realizing that Arresta has been gone for some minutes, Tarn and 8P-MD-4 try to get past the wookie bouncer (Mr. Vigor), but he irritably swats them out of the way. Before long, Arresta and Marpa have returned to the casino and, just after midnight, the entire group steps outside to try to figure out what to do next.

[76 AG]

The group receives a message from Trips: "Broken Diamond headed into the asteroid field to find General Sarigar, precise coordinates would improve survivability."

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