Saturday, June 23, 2012

Castle Ravenloft Adventure # 11 "Rampaging Golem"

This one frankly looked to be a cakewalk, as the Flesh  Golem's stats aren't really very impressive (low AC, only 10 hp, attacks only one adjacent hero a turn, etc. ) The Wife's and my strategy was just to have our heroes stock up on their most powerful Daily & Utility powers in order to take it down quickly, and not fuss with the items.  Through some bad luck, our heroes took quite a beating from monsters and encounters before we even found the Flesh Golem, and for a few minutes there it looked like our plan would be a complete failure.  But then our Fighter hit with the power that does 4 damage to the Golem, and that, combined with Fireball, Flamestrike, and a couple of miscellaneous hits was enough to win us a victory in our first try with one healing surge in reserve.

Next time:  Hunting Strahd!

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