Thursday, June 21, 2012

Les fiancées de l’enfer [FRENCH]

Les fiancées de l’enfer (The Fiancées of Hell) by Christine Brouillet was a decent though unmemorable police thriller.  The main character, a Quebec police detective named Maud Graham, is reasonably interesting and is in some respects similar to Elizabeth George's Barbara Havers.  Graham quickly gets set on the trail of the Cross Rapist, a violent offender who initials his victims with a cryptic series of letters.  The book is properly classified as a thriller rather than a mystery, because we learn very early on through POV scenes who the Cross Rapist actually is.  There are some interesting supporting characters, but the plot takes a long time to come together and all of the exciting scenes at the end happen "off-camera" for a very unsatisfying conclusion.  All in all, not a book worth seeking out.

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