Monday, August 13, 2012

Thirty Days of Graphic Novels, Day Sixteen "Warlords"

The setting for Warlords is a bog-standard, extremely generic pseudo-medieval fantasy realm that would be extremely familiar to most players of D&D.  The minor twist in the setting is that the known world is divided into four kingdoms ruled by four brothers who tore the lands asunder after their father died.  The warlords have different personalities (and you can probably match faces to names after glancing at the cover): King Marcus is an evil wizard, straight out of a Disney movie; King Phillipe is a noble leader, also straight out of a Disney movie; King Dom is more interesting, a would-be holy crusader who has the ability to mystically lull his followers into subservience; and King Restivo, a tinkerer who is quite fond of mechanical devices.  The story concerns the travels and travails of "Just Plain Dwayne", a troll whom most of us would actually think of more like a halfling.  Dwayne is something of a con-man and thief, and gets into all sorts of trouble as he encounters the various warlords before lending a hand in the resolution of the final four-way battle.  Spoiler: the good warlord wins!

Perfectly average, undemanding, and unoriginal fantasy fare.

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