Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thirty Days of Graphic Novels, Day Fifteen: "Spider-Man: Fear Itself"

Thoughts about Spider-Man: Fear Itself:

1.  Silver Sable, as always, is cool.

2.  MJ calls Peter on his BS about how he can't reveal to his Aunt May that he's secretly Spider-Man because "the shock could kill her."  It's about time.

3.  Super-villain # 1 is "White Ninja", a central-casting ninja that can turn invisible.  Blah!

4.  Super-villain # 2, The Baroness, has stolen her name from G.I. Joe.  Second, and I was gob-smacked to see this, The Baroness is actually the mind of Baron Zemo transported into a female body!  See attached picture as proof.

5.  Does is make sense that Baron Zemo, thought dead since a very early issue of The Avengers, would bide his time for years until a scientist discovered crystals which induce fear, and then plot to launch those crystals in rockets over Earth's capital cities so that, by taking advantage of the mass hysteria that results, he can take over the world?  I guess so.

6.  No, it does not!  Later ret-conning establishes that The Baroness was simply a woman obsessed with Zemo's legacy and pretending to be him (later, she marries his son).  Whew!

7.  Do not be confused; none of this has absolutely anything to do with the big crossover.

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