Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ebon, Githzerai Scout [RPG]

Digging deep into my binder of old D&D characters, I've come across Ebon, a Githzerai scout sent to the Prime Material Plane to uncover the scope of Githyanki or Illithid infiltration.  I have no memory whatsoever of what teenage campaign I created this character for, and I'm guessing from the rather pristine state of the sheet that he probably only appeared in a single session.  Still, I kind of like the concept, and maybe he'll make a good NPC in the campaign I'm running now.  He was created for AD&D 2nd edition, and we must have been using the Player's Option book at the time.


Ebon, Githzerai Scout

Level 5 NE Githzerai Thief

Male, Height 6'1, Weight 170 lbs, Eyes: Grey, Skin: Pale, Hair: Black

Traits: Double-jointed, Empathy

Disadvantages: Bruise-Easily

Abilities:  Str 11 (Stamina 13, Muscle 9), Dexterity 17 (Aim 16, Balance 18), Constitution 14 (Health 12, Fitness 16), Intelligence 16 (Reason 14, Knowledge 18), Wisdom 9 (Intuition 9, Willpower 9), Charisma 13 (Leadership 13, Apperance 13)

Hit Points: 29


AC: 2

Saves:  Spells 13, RSW 12, PPD 12, P/P 11, BW 15

Abilities:  60' infravision, 25% magic resistance, Backstab (x3), Weapon of Choice: Cutlass, Weapon Expertise: Cutlass

Attacks:  Cutlass (3/2), THACO 14, d. 1d6+4 (s/m) or 1d8+4 (L)
              Stiletto (thrown) (2/1), THACO 17, d. 1d3+1 (s/m) or 1d2+1 (L)

Thief Skills:  Detect Noise (15%), Hide in Shadows (50%), Move Silently (55%), F/R Traps (55%), Open Locks (15%), Read Languages (35%), Climb Walls (80%), Detect Illusion (40%)

Nonweapon Proficiencies:  ML: Githzerai, ML: Common, RW: Githzerai, RW: Common, Orienteering, AH: Gith Revolt, Appraising, Throwing

Equipment:  20 days' rations, 711 steel coins, cutlass +3 Frost Brand, stilettos (x4), marked dagger, backpack, thief picks, crystal-tipped staff, bullseye lantern, oil (x4), 25' silk rope, map

Character Profile

Homeland: Gith
Occupation: Scout
Father: Colias, Imperial Diplomat
Mother: Wejon
Brother: Menito, Imperial Guard
Greatest Fear: Being captured by illithids
Short term goals: Gather information on this new world
Long term goals: Rise through ranks of the Githzerai
Special talents/abilities: Thief skills, magic resistance, espionage skills
Religion/Group Affiliation: Worship Gith
Prejudices/Dislikes: Githyankis, Illithids

"Ebon is a freelance operative with the Githzerai Imperial Intelligence Service.  His superiors transport him to worlds on the Prime Material Plane in order to gather information and see if Githyanki or illithids have a presence on them.  Ebon is willing to kill when necessary to achieve his goals (or for a sizable profit) but otherwise tries to avoid killing, seeing it as a waste of time and energy.  He is completely loyal to his superiors.  He sees humans and demihumans as a lesser species and does not hold them in high regard.  He is willing to work with them for information."

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