Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wrath of Ashardalon Adventure # 3: Roghar's Gear

The heroes are tasked with venturing into the dungeons beneath Firestorm Peak to retrieve the pack of an injured adventurer, Roghar.  What the hell is in his pack that's worth risking lives for?  We'll never know!

This is a pretty standard adventure, with the usual key being to move through the tiles reasonably quickly so the party turns over the vault tile before getting too worn down by monsters and encounters.  I imagine the two monsters drawn as the guardians of the vault could make the adventurer much tougher if there's some bad luck; we got easy ones and finished the adventure on the first try (even though it took so long to turn over the vault tile that I was partially convinced we hadn't placed it in the right place in the stack!).

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