Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Men Who Sold the World [TORCHWOOD]

I've been AWOL from Torchwood for a while, in part because I've been busy and swept up in other things, and in part because no one will buy me Children of Earth for Christmas despite it being on my Amazon Wish List for years now!  The very definition of a first-world problem.

Anyway, I finally got around to reading one of the three prequel books to Miracle Day, and I quite enjoyed it.  The Men Who Sold the World stars CIA agent Rex Matheson trying to hunt down some rogue operatives who have stolen alien weaponry from the British (who themselves recovered it from the remnants of the Hub!).  I wasn't particularly looking forward to it since it doesn't involve any of the traditional Torchwood stars (except for some brief flashbacks), but it was actually quite entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny in several spots.  Many of the best lines are hilariously vulgar, and it's a shame I can't repeat them here.  The book also introduces a new villain, a CIA "cleaner" named Mr Wynter.  Wynter is deliciously evil and quite memorable.  All in all, a nice surprise that has rekindled my interest in the show . . .

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