Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tyrian 2000 [GAMES]

I just finished another free game downloaded from, Tyrian 2000.  This was very much an old-school shooter, as you pilot a single ship through hordes and hordes of enemy spaceships in top-down Galaga style.  That being said, it's quite addictive and the fact that each mission could be played in just a few minutes was perfect for a busy schedule.  I quite liked the ship upgrade feature: the more points you get, the more you can spend on buying better ships, weapons, shields, etc.  But you can always sell something for the same price you bought it, so there's no penalty for trying out different builds if you get stuck on a mission.  I played the game on Normal, and got past most missions on the first try, though though were a few that took 4 or 5 goes.  Despite reading all the "data cubes", I could not comprehend the plot, and the writing was ostensibly serious at points and really goofy at others (floating fruit, for example).  Anyway, a fun shooter at everyone's favorite price.

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