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The Diary of Jizana M'Rell Entry # 3 [RPG]



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I guess it's been a while since I've recorded on this stupid thing--I only hope the new encryption code works.  I'm going to have to jump around, there's just been too much going on for me to play narrator like in a docuvid.

Several days ago we found these ruins to the south of the academy.  All this time I had been investigating these ruins in the library and I came across this one book, on restricted level four of the library, on Sarama, and I was pretty sure these ruins had something to do with it.  Anyway, the other initiates were either being lazy or gutless that night and I had to do what Sian would call some "pretty persuasion."  (speaking of whom, I have to find out where she is and contact her as soon as we get off this blackhole planet.)  So we went, and I'm in this old, abandoned building, with the ancient seal of the Jedi inscribed on it, and I hear this voice from out of nowhere talking to me--it told me it could give me knowledge that the other Jedi never would, and that he was an old Jedi Master.

I didn't think too much about it with everything going on, but later when I was working in the library, still trying to figure out more about Sarama, the voice came to me again and told me that it would make the restricted books accessible if I agreed to share the information I gained with others.  It seemed like a fair trade--after all, I do believe knowledge should be disseminated and that keeping it locked up only does more harm than good; and after arguing with the Jedi about it, it's not like I could turn around and do the same thing.  But something about the whole idea seemed too easy and I thought it was too risky.  Still, I kept the offer in the back of my mind.

And I guess I should have told you about the break-in earlier.  Well, there was a break-in earlier.  At the embassy, and me and one of the new recruits (whom I've been forced to show around, by the way) helped stop this lizard-like humanoid from breaking in and sending a message out on one of the holocomms.  We eventually tracked it back to the west woods, but couldn't follow it any further because the woods are so dense and because it's apparently "off-limits" by order of the Most-High Jedi Knowledge Tyrants.

So where I was going with this was that a few days after, Orowisp, one of the others in our barracks, was apparently attacked by something or the other and was screaming all over the place.  Because someone had saw someone running from the direction of the embassy towards the west woods again, I thought it was probably another of the lizard creatures.

Not that I'm a huge fan of Orowisp or anything, but it always pisses me off when creatures go around picking on other creatures because they're bigger or stronger.  And that lizard creature we encountered was bigger, stronger, and had some nasty Force powers.

So I did it.  I went to the library and after waiting around long enough and keeping myself open to the Force, the lift tube opened and level four was accessible.  I went in quick, grabbed what turned out to be a datacard on Sarama, replaced it with my orientation card, and then left--I couldn't have been in there for more than three minutes top.

These encryption codes better be good or else this is likely to be my last entry.  So what did I find on the datacard?  Only something that would shake the galaxy and forever change the way Jedi and the Republic operate.  I won't go into it all, but basically the datacard is some kind of log by Carn Sokol, telling about how the Republic went all imperialist on this planet Ishtar because it had certain natural resources, and tried to "quarantine" the native Saramans; but somehow it all went haywire because the Saramans had powerful telepathic abilities, and although peaceful, caused amazing amounts of pain to the Republic scouts and miners.  So Sokol, in an act I can actually admire somewhat, went against orders and secretly removed all of the Saramans from Ishtar and relocated them to another planet, covering up his tracks the entire way--except that Daxanarion and Gen Brightwater were in on it.

So what does all this matter?  Guess which planet Sokol moved the Saramans to--Ossus.  And guess what the Saramans look like--lizard creatures.  And according to Sokol, if word of this ever got out there would either be a bloodbath or a revolution.

It's clear to me what happened to Orowisp was probably an attempt by one of the Saramans to communicate with her and she simply couldn't handle it.  Although, Sokol did speak about a faction of the Saramans who didn't want to be removed, and it could be this faction is trying to cause trouble.  I should also note that I saw Sokol sneaking off to the westwoods the other night--he must be in communication with the Saramans too.

Now I'm sure you're wondering Mr. Recording Rod, as I'm asking myself, "What is Jizana going to do with said world-shattering information?"  And the answer, of this day is, "I don't know."  I tried explaining some of it to a few of the other barracks mates whom I trust, without telling them so much that the Jedis will be able to suck it out of their minds (like I think Daxinarion tried to do to me earlier), but they thought I was being hypocritical and some of them stormed off.  And they were right, because I am doing to them what the Jedi do to us, that is, keep information away out of these paternalistic or selfish desires.  But if word gets out that we know what we know, and we're still on planet, I don't think any of us are going to make it off planet alive, unless our brains have been sifted, filtered, and reconstructed by the Shadow Division.

All of us in the barracks received a message from Carn Sokol (coincidence? right.)  that in a few weeks we'd be heading off planet to visit EPS industries on Hebia Prime.  There's a chance, if I can gain access to an unsecured holocomm, that I could inform certain members of the political and journalistic worlds about this whole Sarama cover-up.  This would at least force the Republic to confront what it's doing when it colonizes and then "quarantines" the natives while removing all of its natural wealth off-planet.  Because imagine how many planets this happens to where the natives don't have a Jedi Master around to "save the day"?  Of course, in the short run who could predict what would happen to the Saramans on Ossus?  And, no one may believe me since Ossus is a hidden planet and I doubt I could smuggle the Sarama datacard off the planet.

Right now the datacard is in a secure place, but I don't know for how much longer.  Vasonja came to me last night and told me that the "unseen" (i.e., the voice from the ruins) had been appearing to her and telling her that I was hiding information.  She went to Daxinarion, and now apparently the whole faculty knows about our trip to the ruins and that the "unseen" is contacting us, and is especially interested in me.  If the "unseen" was watching where I hid the datacard, and tips off the Masters, I could soon have the mental abilities of a Refresher Droid.  I have a back-up plan though.

My life sure has gotten "interesting" all of a sudden, hasn't it?


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