Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fingers of Death--No, Doom! [RPG]


Fingers of Death--No, Doom! is a four-part series of Pathfinder web fiction (available for free here) that is more light-hearted in tone than most other stories in the line.  Darvin, a human, and his adopted brother Fife, a halfling, dine out on made-up stories and make a living selling fake charms from their "adventures."  The two get more than they bargained for when they encounter a real monstrous threat.  The story, which takes place in Andoran, has a really engaging, classic hook and by the point I reached the funny (and exciting) cliffhanger that ends the first chapter I already wanted to spend more time with the characters.  The plot is rather slight even for just a short 4-part web fiction, but the premise is fun.  If you like something a bit more on the silly side when it comes to gaming fiction, this story could be the one for you.


The first paragraphs of Chapter 1 are over-the-top generic fantasy, and the reader has to push through a bit before realizing that, of course, it's a story being related by one of the characters in order to score free drinks.  Darvin and Fife end up finding themselves investigating a house once frequented by a necromancer, and facing the safeguards left behind: crawling hands!  There's a *lot* of sequences involving the crawling hands, probably more than necessary, but Chapter 3 is a lot of fun regardless.  I don't know if Darvin and Fife have enough depth to sustain a longer tale, but they're just right for something like a short story.

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