Sunday, September 9, 2018

Starfinder Condition Cards [RPG]

Cards that summarize various conditions that affect characters aren't exactly an innovation in RPGs, but they're as handy as ever.  Starfinder has a lot of conditions, so the Starfinder Condition Cards are a product I never play without.  It's far easier to flip through the deck and hand someone a card to prop up in front of them than to read out effects from the Core Rulebook and expect the player to remember.  This deck of 53 cards (plus two cards with ads, introduction, and the OGL) has fairly clever depictions of space goblins affected by the condition, like one shining a flashlight in his face to represent "Dazzled" or vomiting in his own space helmet to represent "Nauseated."  The rules have to be summed up concisely, but so far (after a year's use) I haven't noticed any major discrepancies between the card text and the condition summary in the book.  Each card is double-sided and consistent (so Bleeding/Burning will always be one card, Deafened/Blinded another, etc.).  There are multiples (usually 3) of each the cards, so there's almost always enough to pass around to each player at the table.  There's not really much else that needs to be said: this deck does exactly what it promises, and it's a tremendously useful game aid.  Unless you're playing exclusively online, I'd consider it an automatic purchase for Starfinder fans.

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