Sunday, August 17, 2008

That Silly Wasp!

Real dialogue from Tales of Suspense # 59 (1964):

Scene: The Wasp is looking into a mirror while the other Avengers sit and wait for her.

Wasp: "Stop being so impatient boys! I'll be with you in a jiffy!"

Giant-Man: "Sure, Wasp--that's what you told us a half-hour ago!"

Captain America: "The trouble with girls is they all act like females!"

Iron Man (entering the room): "Say! Haven't you left yet?? You'll be late for that out-of-town charity benefit show!"

Thor: "We're ready to go! But Wasp decided to change her makeup!"

Wasp: "Okay, I'm ready now! Gosh, look at the time. C'mon boys--let's not be late! See you later Iron Man."

Ant-Man: "Just like a woman. You make it sound as though you've been waiting for us!"

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