Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cinematic Titanic

In an earlier post, I talked about Rifftrax, which is an interesting variation on MST3K-style riffing that uses new and popular movies. The true heir to the MST3K tradition, however, is the Cinematic Titanic series of movies. Led by Joel Hodgson, who is accompanied by the actors behind Crow, T.V's Frank, Pearl, and more, the series follows the classic MST3K tradition of taking an old B-movie apart, piece by piece. I've quite enjoyed the ones I've seen so far and it's nice to be able to watch them anywhere, instead of only on a computer like Rifftrax (assuming you want them automatically synched up with the Rifftrax player). The Cinematic Titanic movies are about twice as expensive, however, and take a while to download--but then again, on a per episode basis, they're still cheaper than buying MST3K boxsets . . .

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