Monday, January 5, 2009

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 7

This was a little bit of an unusual session in that, with the character of Ycram gone and the person who played Tarn absent for the night, I was down to directing for just two players. On top of it, I had to set things up for my sig-other's one-shot in the next session by having Arresta get kidnapped right at the very beginning. I was a bit nervous about how the session would go, but it turned out to be a lot of fun (like all of the two- or three- player sessions that have occasionally popped up). Now, a major mistake I made was allowing the reward for Arresta's rescue to stand at 250,000 credits--I guess I just didn't really think about how much money that was, but it made for some quite wealthy characters over the next few story arcs. Marpa's stunning the major villain with a single shot is something that still gets talked about a lot at the table--stunning was a lot easier in Revised Core Rulebook than it is in the newer Saga Edition Rules.

Episode 2.2 "The Ominous Silence" Session # 3

To the vast majority of citizens in the remote Ansion system, it seems like the Clone Wars are a distant rumor. There are no legions of battle droids on the ground or Republic fleets circling the stars.

But a rag-tag band of Republic operatives have brought the war with them. As they plummet in blood-soaked escape pods away from the Xoorzi skyhook, a partial success still leaves questions unanswered. Who's behind the raids on the facility? What's blocking transmissions and ships from leaving the system? What happened to the Jedi Knight sent to investigate weeks ago?
Battered and bruised, burned by radiation, they come ever closer to finding the answers.

Tarn, Marpa, and Arresta crash land outside of the capital city of Cuipernam. Tarn is knocked unconscious in the landing, while Marpa and Arresta are attacked by "talent scouts" who kidnap Arresta. Marpa soon encounters Lee, a Jedi Padawan sent to Ansion weeks ago with her Master (Sarigar) and a Clone Commando team to accomplish the same mission. Sarigar disappeared on a trip from Ansion to the Skyhook with one of the Commandos, while two others are in undercover roles. After returning to the safehouse, Marpa begins repairs on I-5 (and switches his allegiance) and then joins Tarn in a private hospital for bacta healing.

[69 AG] Marpa learns that repairs to the third level of the Skyhook are now underway and operations should be restored shortly. He has Delia's Ultimatum land at the city's spaceport and then sets off with Lee to investigate the surprising revelation that four escape pods had left the Skyhook. Using a radiation detector, Marpa and Lee, along with Trips (one of the Clone Commandos) track the escape pod and its inhabitant, the crazed Kaminoan Gemma Vous, to a residential area where she has taken up her experiments. Marpa stuns her and Gemma Vous is turned over to the authorities. Following a lead, Marpa and Lee then raid the kidnapper's warehouse hideout, only to discover that Arresta has already been "transferred" to her new "owner", who has made her the prize (along with 250,000 credits) in a competition.

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