Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clone Wars Campaign: Recap # 8

This was the one-shot session directed by my sig-other, with me playing I-5. The the competition to rescue Arresta was a nice, light break from the regular campaign and we the players had a lot of fun being mean and sneaky to the NPC racers.

Episode 2.2 "The Ominous Silence" Session 4

The remote Ansion system seems to be a safe harbor from the Clone Wars that rage all around it. But these appearances are deceiving. Shadowy attackers continue to harass the Xoorzi Skyhook, the brooding presence of the Anomaly weighs heavily in the minds of those few who are aware of its presence, and Princess Arresta D'avilos has been abducted and offered as a reward in a sadistic competition.

With time running out, a desperate bid is made to rescue Arresta and solve the mysteries of the Ansion system before it's too late . . .

[70 AG] After a night in the safehouse, Tarn wakes and has Marpa explain the situation. Marpa activates I-5, and the three of them go to meet a contact named Proctor Gamble, an administrator friendly to the Republic. Gamble says that a local crimelord named Bel Sekand is the host of the "competition" for Arresta, and tells them to meet a man named Simon at the Hungry Farmer cantina. Simon says that the three can enter the competition as a team if they can come up with a 2,000 credit entrance fee. Marpa sells a blaster rife from the safehouse to cover the cost of the entrance fee.

[71 AG]

The trio is taken by a covered speeder to where the competition is held. The first contest, involving climbing to the top of the wall while being shot at, is won when Tarn scampers to the top. That night, I-5 plays some dirty tricks on the other teams and then searches the computer networks for information on Arresta--she won't be around until round 3. Marpa tries to bribe one of the opposing teams.

[72 AG]

The second contest involves a landspeeder race with extra points for shooting flags. I-5 and Tarn jump onto the speeders of the opposing teams, crashing one and running the other out of the course. Marpa easily drives to victory, giving the group a huge lead going into the third round.

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