Friday, July 16, 2010

Black Panther: The Deadliest of the Species [COMICS]

Black Panther: The Deadliest of the Species is the first collection of the new Black Panther on-going series that started a year or two back. T'Challa, Marvel's Black Panther since the character was created in the 1960s, is presently married to former X-Man Storm, and the two function as King and Queen of Wakanda. The TPB depicts T'Challa being seriously hurt in a surprise attack by Doctor Doom, and Storm faced with keeping the country together during an oncoming assault by Morlun, "Devourer of Totems". While T'Challa's out of the picture, a new Black Panther has to be called into duty.

I picked this up for $ 2, so I can't really compain--it's standard, decent enough super-heroics. It's also a perfect example of how much comics have changed since the Black Panther originally appeared. All six issues of this TPB are devoted to the same storyline, which is really quite basic plot-wise. Few panels, little dialogue, lots of splash pages means that simple stories are stretched out for quite some time, but in comics that are very fast to read. I imagine that in the 1960s this whole thing would have been wrapped in maybe two dense issues that would take longer to read but also have room for subplots.

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