Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: Lt. Jaarza

Lt. Jaarza was a character who appeared in the very first Clone Wars Campaign story arc. A security officer in the Mongui Royal Palace Guard, Jaarza had a tendency to switch allegiances quickly. Originally loyal to Regent Alphon D'avilos (Arresta's father), he helped smuggle Separatist droids and arms inside the city-state. During the later civil war between Alphon and his daughter Corinne, however, Jaarza played the role of double-agent: ostensibly working for Alphon but secretly reporting to Corinne. He was quite good at it, and even managed to sabotage Alphon's last-ditch attempt to get Arresta to come to Mongui to help him (mainly by coming on way too strong, so she would have little sympathy for her father). Once Corinne won the war and took control, he became her security chief and lover. After she was deposed by Purity First, he aided her in organizing the resistance that eventually put her back in power. And most notably, he was one of just a handful of warriors who managed to sneak aboard the sphere of the Accelerated in the final session of the campaign to set off the thought-spores and help save the planet. Not too shabby for an NPC who never progressed beyond level 5!

Lt. Jaarza

Soldier 5
Size: Medium
Initiative: +4
Force Points: 3

Strength +2
Constitution +2
Dextery +2
Wisdom + 1
Intelligence +0
Charisma +0

Reflex Defense: + 12
Fortitude Defense: + 11
Will Defense: + 6

Hold-out Blaster + 7, d. 3d4+2
Unarmed +7, d. 1d4+5

Hit Points: 52
Threshold: 21

Feats Include: Point blank shot, precise shot, stunning strike

Skills Include: Knowledge (Tactics) +7, Mechanics +7, Perception +8

Equipment: Hold-out blaster, battle armor, comlink, binder cuffs, medpac, glowrod

Original Description: "Lt. Jaarza is commander of Alphon D'avilos security forces on Mongui. He is in his thirties."

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The Wife said...

I'm not sure at what point we mutually decided that Corinne had an entire pantheon of men, but poor Jaarza somehow became one of them. He seemed very loyal - despite the inconstancy of his lady. Perhaps it was because Corinne was an NPC played by several people, but she was a bit of a ho. Still, she seemed to appreciate Jaarza.