Thursday, July 15, 2010

Torchwood Online Game: Mission # 5

Now we know that not only did Natalie Blake fake her own death by murdering her twin sister, but she killed geneticist Conrad Fischer and stole his laptop full of New Eden's secrets. The goal for mission # 5 is to find out Natalie's current location. Along with the standard background profiles of some of the characters involved, are the following:

* A useless clip from Dark Talk. One caller claims to have seen a pterodactyl flying about Roald Dahl Plass, while another mentions events that I think involve the beginning of the episode Sleeper.

* A short video from Tosh, suggesting that hacking into Natalie's e-mail address could be helpful, and a reminder that people often use passwords of familiar things or places.

* A classified ad for Singles SOS, the dating service that Natalie used to get closed to Fischer.

* A clipping from the Cardiff Examiner, explaining that Natalie is a former cop and presently a Private Investigator. One of her clients is the Cardiff Century Hotel. Both this article and the Singles SOS website talk about her love of her cat, Ardal.

* An invoice from the Standard Mail company, which gives Natalie's address as "Blake Enquiries, 3rd Floor, 48 Stradling Street, Cardiff". The invoice lists a website and Natalie's log-in name.

Here, for the first time, I met one of the downsides of playing the game a couple of years after it was brought out: the fake website for Standard Mail has been discontinued. I later learned that, on the site, you put in Natalie's log-in name and her password ("Ardal", the name of her cat) to discover she's planning a trip to the Cardiff Century Hotel (the solution to this mission's puzzle). Fortunately, even without the site, one could still get lucky and put in the right answer since the hotel is mentioned in the newspaper article--it would just be more of a guess then a clear solution.

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