Sunday, September 23, 2012

Castle Ravenloft: Bonus Adventure: "Zombie Guards of Castle Ravenloft"

There are two official WOTC supplementary adventures for Castle Ravenloft (online here).  The Wife and I tackled the first one tonight, "Zombie Guards of Castle Ravenloft" and found it a cakewalk.  Basically, it's the standard "turn over tiles until the exit appears" scenario with the minor wrinkle that additional zombies will appear.  After surviving the rigors of all the regular scenarios, this wasn't a problem at all, and we didn't even have to use any healing surges.  Basically, we just had everybody split up and turn over tiles as quickly as possible and then vamoosed when the Secret Stairway tile appeared.  For those who haven't finished the adventures in the book, I'd suggest doing this one early.

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