Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nightshift Code [GAMES]

Jhaeman:  Just finished Nightshift Code, a seek-and-find game that had some inventive features.  As usual, The Wife (a.k.a. Canuck Mom) and I will chat a bit about it.

The Wife: Having played a number of these games, I would rank this one pretty highly. The storyline involves archaeologist types hunting down a missing father and a secret treasure with a scandalous past.    
The graphics are comic book panels, which I though was a nice effect. You're the comic book expert though. Thoughts on the graphics?

Jhaeman:  Crazy woman, trying to burn down my house by leaving the oven on.  They're good pretzels, but I don't want to die because of them.  Anyway, back to the game.  I liked the artwork, but could not follow the various plot twists and timeline jumps.  I did appreciate that there were a few different types of puzzles, including some with a flashlight, and some reasonable-difficulty mini-games.

The Wife: For the fiftieth time, the act of leaving the oven on does not create a fire hazard. Some people cook turkeys all night without creating risk to the house. I was in more danger from the water that you spilled on the floor. But I digress. 

I enjoyed the mini-games too -especially the logic/translation puzzles. I thought the plot was acceptable - and these games are usually pretty stilted when it comes to dialogue and characters. To be fair to the game, we did start this game months ago and only just came back and finished it - so the fact that we can't follow the whole plot isn't really their fault. 

Jhaeman:  Very true.  So overall, I think we're agreed this was a solid entry in the genre.  But I still want the oven turned off.

The Wife: Fine, you turn it off - and wipe up my d*mn floor on your way by. :-) But yes, a solid entry - and worth mentioning that this was the same team that brought us the Valerie Porter game that we enjoyed so much. I probably still rank that one higher though.

Jhaeman:  Because you're the guest, I'll let you have the last word.  Oh, and hey baby, there's a sequel.

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