Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell [GAMES]

Jhaeman:  The Wife (aka Canuck Mom) and I just finished Jack the Ripper: Letters from Hell --

The Wife: And why are we back so quickly? That is one of the downsides of this game - it was really, really short. I mean, even Dream Day Wedding was longer than this game. Length of the game aside, I have really mixed feelings about this one.

Jhaeman:  Incredibly short--took us just over an hour to finish.  With a weird, anti-climactic ending too. As for the puzzles, there was the usual mix of seek-and-find stuff, though they were better integrated into the plot than in most games.  I did appreciate the tricky questions that required you to really pay attention in previous scenes, even if they were hard.  The one we had the most difficulty with was that weird camera assembly puzzle.

The Wife: True. It wasn't a bad puzzle to have to figure out how all of the pieces attached, but having to start over every time you made a wrong move was tedious - especially because you had to double click each piece - once to pick it up, once to place it. Got boring quick. And it was a finicky puzzle.

Jhaeman: So definitely not worth the $ 20 or so we paid for it.  Might've worked as a free teaser to induce purchase of the real game, but as a standalone it was too much cash for too little play time.

The Wife: Agreed. I will say that I thought the graphics were good - especially the opening and closing credits. No audio in this one - just click to read. Oh - and I almost forgot to mention how unlikeable the lead character was. "We" played a journalist John Bert who decides to drum up business for his newspaper by forging letters from Jack the Ripper. He becomes a prime suspect for the police - mainly because he. is. a. total. douchebag. Seriously - I kept hoping that Jack would rip him a new one. Heh. Get it?

Jhaeman:  So I think it's fair to say, thumbs down.

The Wife: Whooh yeah - thumbs WAY down.

Edited to Add: The zoom lense application NEVER came into play. We're about to kick off another game from the same company (HdO Adventures) that claims to have almost double the locations that this one does and brags about the "zoom". WE'LL be the judge of that.

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