Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pathfinder Society Faction Pin: Silver Crusade [RPG]

Like the other faction pins for Pathfinder Society, the Silver Crusade one allows a player of that faction to get a small bonus to a single skill check in a session.  The pin comes stuck on a little cardboard card that contains a short description of the ethos of the Silver Crusade faction on the back.  It's a handy little reminder about what the faction's core purpose is.  The pin itself looks solid, made of strong metal and with a quality backer that should keep it from falling out of a shirt.  The design of the symbol is a bit of an odd one in how reminiscent it is of a cross or ankh, neither symbol of which makes much sense in a fictional world like Golarion (and the former symbol's link to "crusade" puts it a bit too on the nose!).  Still, I don't blame the manufacturer--they did a good job.

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