Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: 8P-MD-4, Medical Droid

8P-MD-4 was a medical droid PC introduced in Session # 10 and lost (to the dread anomaly) in Session # 14. Now, having a medical droid on hand seems like a great idea, and 8P-MD-4 had his share of memorable moments: wrestling with Marpa over a power slug, falling off a bridge into a bottomless abyss, holding off attackers at a key point on the roof of a sandcrawler, and more. You'll notice that none of these examples involve healing or medicine in any way, and I think that's mainly because the player running 8P-MD-4 kept forgetting that the character had the vaunted Surgery feat and could have been quite handy to his fellow PCs. Still, it's unfortunate that after 8P-MD-4, no PC has ever been a droid since. (though rumor has it that if we ever do a Rebellion-era campaign, that may change . . .)

Long after his disappearance into the vagaries of the anomaly, 8P-MD-4 reappeared in the campaign; or at least, his head did, as it contained vital recordings of the anomaly's energy signature, a fact which has driven multiple story arcs in the latter half of the campaign.


The Wife said...

8P and Marpa fighting over the power slug? Comedy cold.

Jeremy Patrick said...

Did you mean comedy GOLD?

Now THAT'S funny ;)