Friday, April 23, 2010

The Destroyer (1991 Limited Series) [Comics]

I'll start with the disclaimer that I've never read any of The Destroyer novels or seen the movie. From the book covers and movie poster, I always assumed Remo Williams was a standard action hero--a bit of an Indiana Jones/James Bond/Diehard character with a lot of guns and explosions.

I'm not sure how the stories come across elsewhere, but 1991 The Destroyer limited series is very off-beat and simply a lot of fun. There's no attempt whatsoever to stick to "reality", as the stories feature dinosaurs, a character chopping another's head off with his bare hand, a man standing on a single finger tip, etc. Remo Williams' mentor, Chiun, is hilarious in his invective against "lazy, decadent Westerners." It's all completely over the top and quirky, with plenty of satire. The comics are written by the character's creator, so I'm actually tempted to pick up one of the novels to sample.

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