Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Torchwood Online: Mission # 4

This was the shortest and easier mission so far. The question that must be answered to proceed to the next mission is "Who has Conrad Fischer's laptop?"

Here's the information provided:

* A short video from Tosh explaining that Owen has run an analysis on the alien DNA obtained from New Eden and found that it is in some kind of stasis.

* An e-mail from Ianto reminding you to listen to Dark Talk.

* A clip from Dark Talk, with little of interest besides references to the Season Two episode Meat.

* An e-mail from Conrad Fischer to Torchwood, saying that he needs help and that he's going to post a video to his blog.

* The video on Conrad Fischer's blog, where we see him state that he's seen the aliens and knows their plans, which he has placed on his laptop. We then see a figure enter the room and shoot Fischer dead and take the laptop. The killer is clearly visible as not-as-dead-as-everyone-thought private investigator Natalie Blake.

Thus, Natalie Blake is the answer to the mission. Mildly disappointing compared to the previous mission, which actually required a bit of detective work.

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