Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: Array, Null ARC

Array was designed as the alternate character for the player who ran the party's Jedi, A'tel. Introduced at the beginning of the Corporate Sector story-arc, Array was portrayed very much in harmony with how Clone Commandos are in Karen Traviss' Republic Commando novels: mission-focussed, efficient, and (if need be) brutal. The character came into his own during the "revolution on Mongui" storyline, stealing starfighters, carjacking civilians, pulling a blaster on Stefan Cassadine, and more in the name of getting the job done. In a dramatic duel, Array squared off alone against Purity First's Grand Inquisitor and was torn in half, but not before detonating a grenade in the xenophobe's face to prove to everyone that his opponent was actually a droid--thus helping to save an entire city from destruction.

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The Wife said...

That carjacking thing was kind of crazy. The clone actually KILLED a civilian who refused to surrender his vehicle. It was a tad brutal -but definitely set Array apart from the more gentle A'tel.