Monday, May 17, 2010

Star Wars Saga Edition Critical Fumble Table

Due to popular demand (okay, one request), here's the custom-made Critical Fumble Table I used in the Saga Edition Clone Wars campaign.

Roll d100

1-3 Stumble and off balance, no attack next round
4-5 Hit Ally, Double Damage
6-10 Weapon drops, 1d8 meters, 1d8 direction
11-15 Slip & fall on ground
16-17 Backpack splits, everything drops to the ground
18-20 1d6 carried explosives detonate
21-25 Weapon shorts out/cracks (DC 20 Repair)
26-27 Background Struck, causing inconvenient obstacle
28-30 Off-Balance, All opponents w/ line of sight get free attack
31-35 Weapon falls & wedged somewhere (DC 20 Str.)
36-40 Hit self/Get Hit, 1d6 damage & lost teeth
41-45 Hit self/Get Hit, 4d6 damage & broken/blasted arm (no rifles/2 hand weapons)
46-50 Hit self/Get Hit, 6d8 damage & broken/blasted leg (speed=1)
51-55 Blinded by blood or flash for rest of combat
56-60 Hit nearest ally, normal damage
61-65 Hit self/Get Hit in Face--2d6 damage & scarring
66-70 Hit self/Get Hit deaf 1d4 days (possible weapon explosion)
71-75 Pathetic Miss, Opponents Mock (2 steps down on track)
76-80 Slip & fall, knocked out 1d6 rounds
81-85 Weapon destroyed permanently
86-88 Hit self, normal damage
89-90 Hit Self, Double Damage
91-95 Roll Twice
96-98 Hit Ally, Triple Damage
99-100 Hit Self, Triple Damage

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