Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Barbi Twins Adventures [Comics]

I have only the vaguest recollection of mid-90s swimsuit and Playboy models the Barbi Twins. But thanks to Topps Comics' 1995 one-shot The Barbi Twins Adventures, I can experience their fictional exploits as super spies! Sticking with the "twin" motif, the comic has two front covers and two stories, so it can be read front-to-back in two different ways. One story, "Prelude to a Mission", sees the Barbi Twins on the way to a fashion show when they're confronted by scarred nemesis Betty Blodryed. Whilst escaping from Betty, the Twins somehow find themselves in a futuristic virtual reality simulation that requires multiple costume changes (skimpier and skimpier!) to escape. The second story, "The Barbi Twins & Razor versus The Queen City Mob" is about . . . well, I guess the title explains it all. Razor is a superhero vigilante from some other comic and helps the Twins bust up the mob. Finally, there's a three-page feature/interview by writer Robert Conte that includes some cheesecake photos and a promise that the second issue is being "worked on right now." You know how in Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Morpheus has a dream library of every book never written? I guess issue # 2 is there somewhere, because it was never released in the waking world.

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The Wife said...

I cannot imagine why this series didn't off.