Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Diamondback's "Undercover" Costume [Comics]

I was a big fan of the character Diamondback during Mark Gruenwald's excellent run on Captain America in the late 80s/early 90s. A member of the Serpent Society, Diamondback was a super-villain who specialized in throwing trick diamonds (a goofy power, admittedly) before falling for Cappy's charms and becoming his part-time girlfriend/adventuring buddy. As I said, I loved Gruenwald's run (a subject for a lengthier post another time), but once in a while his ideas just didn't work out. For example, in Captain America # 374, Diamondback decides she needs a new costume for undercover work. "I had it made for when I don't want to be recognized as Diamondback," she explains.
Let's compare her normal costume (below) and her "undercover" costume (bottom), and see if the disguise works . . .

Okay, the one on the bottom is the "undercover" costume, complete with diamond-shaped torso pattern, diamonds around the neckline, and a freakin' diamond handing from the middle of her forehead.
Were this a role-playing game, I could only imagine she rolled a natural 1 on her disguise check . . .

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