Friday, June 18, 2010

Les Robinsons de la Terre [Comics]

Roger Lucureux, who wrote Les Robinsons de la Terre ("The Robinsons of Earth"), must have had a thing for dinosaurs, as a different one menaces the protagonists of this French graphic album every few pages. The four heroes of the book (natives of a pacifistic, highly advanced society that exists inside a mobile space colony named Thula) find themselves trying to survive in prehistoric Earth after the evil Zorkiens invade and conquer their homes. The title, I'm guessing, is a reference to Swiss Family Robinson, though the family in that book didn't have access to K-2, a flying starfighter armed with a paralytic blaster! This is a straightforward adventure comic, and from the internal cliffhangers I'm guessing it originally appeared in serial form in magazines. Not really my cup of tea, but if you're desperate to see pacifistic spacemen forced to fight dinosaurs while shouting in French, now's your chance . . .

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