Sunday, June 13, 2010

London Calling

Just got back from a week in London, and had a great time. My lovely wife and I took in most of the usual tourist sites--Stonehenge, the Eye, the British Museum, the British Library, a couple of West End shows, and more. The Forbidden Planet was very cool--probably the largest pure collection of comics- and genre-fiction related merchandise I've ever seen in one place, and roomier to walk around than the Silver Snail (though the latter has more actual comics, and I didn't notice much in the way of homegrown British superhero comics at the former). My personal highlight on the trip was seeing the Marvel Super Heroes 4-D show at Madame Tussaud's. Apart from the life-size statuary (that's me next to my good friend, Iron Man, on the right), there's an incredible 3-d animated short that features Wolverine, Captain America, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk taking on Doctor Doom in downtown London. The effects are amazing, the dialogue is witty, and it was just all around a lot of fun.
I found the city was easy to get around, once the spaghetti-like subway system is deciphered. It is rather expensive (I think I paid the equivalent of $ 5 Canadian for a single Diet Coke in a lot of restaurants), but there was plenty left to see and do and I would happily return someday.

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The Wife said...

It was a great trip! I thought the Marvel 4D thing as okay - but not earth-shattering. Found it very similar to some things we saw at Disney World last year. Fun though, and it made you happy, so...

My personal highlight was seeing the sequel to the Phantom of the Opera (despite its shortcomings, I enjoyed the experience) and probably wandering around Regents Park.

Since I am a huge fan of the Mary Russel novels by Laurie R King, wandering around London was neat - seeing the places she references, etc, etc.

Best part was that somehow, due to the five hour time difference, jet lag, etc, while I was lazily trying to sleep in, we had LONDON JEREMY - a strange, early rising man who drags his wife out of bed and off to sight see. Very different than NORTH AMERICAN JEREMY who is practically nocturnal.