Friday, August 26, 2011

Clone Wars Campaign: The Altered

The Altered are a race of genetically-engineered Arkanians, confined thousands of years ago to a remote colony deep within the Arkanian Nebula. Bio-modified to be brilliant and able to function without sleep, the colony quickly developed technology far in advance of anything else in the galaxy. Over time, The Altered developed a rigid society divided into various clans, called Steadfasts. The number of Steadfasts dwindled as The Altered dwindled due to low birth rates, as well as the lure of transhumanism represented by The Accelerated.

The PCs took the treacherous journey to the planet of The Altered in an attempt to rescue Tarn Tamarand from The Accelerated. While there, they successful engaged in manipulation and intrigue to overthrow the Speaker of The Altered and learn the secrets of their relationship to The Accelerated. Each Prime (leader) and Second (lieutenant) of the five remaining Steadfasts are detailed below, with notes on their main desires and fears that could be used as levers by the PCs. In the "Marks" category is how each is initially disposed towards the PCs, with zero being "neutral", and I kept track of how the PCs actions changed each ranking.

Prime: Leisha Camdeni
Marks: Negative Four
Fears: Domination by Accelerated; Loss of More Residents (from over 60 Steadfasts to Five)
Interests: Triv, Stability, a Second
Will Defense: + 30, Hit Points: 40
Secret: Kronos is returned and will soon be be awakened
Second: (unofficially) Triv Camdeni
Wants: A Family, Leisha’s Success, To Prove Himself
Marks: Negative Four
Stealth: +15, Will Defense: + 15, Hit Points: + 25
Prime: Praxeus Domanidrus
Marks: Negative Three
Fears: Boredom, Rejection
Interests: New Technology, Acceleration?, Designs/Maintains Systems
Will Defense: +20, Use Computer/Knowledge Technology +35, Hit Points: 30
Secret: Has been in contact with Accelerated about entire steadfast ascending
Second: Iagos Aurellius
Marks: Negative Two
Wants: Praxeus to Accelerate so he will head the Steadfast
Fears: Status Quo
Secret: Sleeps with Sangla’ and shares info
Will Defense: +25, Hit Points: 60
Prime: Eron 14
A Thin, Weak-Looking Fellow With a Vapid Look On His Face and Visible Neural Implant Sites
Marks: Negative Three
Fears: Real Life, Responsibility & Decision Making (supports Leisha reflexively)
Interests: The Dream, and New Phenomenon for the Dream
Will Defense: + 15, A Likely Flake (forgetful), Hit Points: 30
Secret: Was hooked on addiction by Sangla’
Second: Eron 15
Marks: Negative Two
Wants: Escape (needs Leisha’s and Eron 14’s Permission)
Fears: Continued Seclusion
Will Defense: + 20, Hit Points: 55
Secret: Plans to sneak aboard the incoming vessel
Prime: Sangla’
A Sixtyish Woman Who Gives Kittenish Looks
Marks: Negative Two
Wants: Pleasure
Fears: Boredom, Rejection
Will Defense: + 25, Hit Points 45
Secret: Sleeps with Iagos Aurellius for info, hooked Eron 14 on dream
Second: Sangla’ Annex
A Strapping Young Man Whose Muscles Are Clearly Visible Through His BodySheathe
Marks: Negative Two
Wants: To Please Mistress
Fears: Displeasing Mistress
Will Defense: + 20, Hit Points: 125
Secret: Sometimes does away with those who reject his Mistress, Including Mazrim’s Son
Prime: Mazrim
A Man With Steel-Gray Hair, cut short, in his early fifties with a Piercing Stare
Marks: Negative One
Wants: To Be Speaker
Fears: Exposure, Shame
Will Defense: + 35, Hit Points: 175
Secret: Actually Sleeps

Second: None (Son, Before Naming Day, Sent to Excess)

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